It’s dark, cold &
pretty much noisy

EPI is a solo coldwave/post-punk project that I’ve made in 2012/2013
between overtime-work & parties. I have composed, recorded & mixed the music on my own,
and I've released the album " Paradox " in november 2013.

paradox album


by The Exploding Passion Inevitable

  • I. Intro (Before The Night...)
  • II. Color Tears
  • III. True Love Veil
  • IV. The Underground Drip
  • V. Green Bike
  • VI. Shiver
  • VII.Schizophrenic Thoughts
  • VIII. A Whisper From The Lord
  • IX. Magic Eight Ball
  • X. Control
  • XI. Love you in the dark
  • XII. Dance To The Wire
  • XIII. Bloom
  • XIV. The Coward

A quick listening

The LP «Paradox» is available on streaming, enjoy.

The Exploding Passion Inevitable
will return ...