Ferrari California-T

When ferrari
rhymes with beauty

Ferrari is launching at least one new exclusive and astonishing car every year. It’s the opportunity to establish the powerful know-how of the luxury manufacturer again and again. This year, the Ferrari California-T is ready to race and shine. So we had to create a sublime digital case to honor this new masterpiece.

  • 01. introduction
  • 02. one desire
  • 03. responsive design
  • 04. navigation
  • 05. tools

1. Introducing
a new masterpiece

The Ferrari California-T website had to be designed in the same mood than the 458 Speciale website (which initially results from the car-page of the main GT Ferrari website). This time, the layout has been thinking full responsive for a fullscreen experience. A better way to increase the beauty of this new masterpiece.

2. One page, one desire

The website is designed in a single page, so you just have to scroll to see the main different parts of the content : Overview, Design, Innovations, Specifications, Multimedia, Partners, Sign in. This display is simple and trendy, but obviously, the page becomes very tall. So the main menu stays in the top of the screen when you scroll to help you in the navigation.

3. Responsive Design

A special attention has been given to the «responsiveness» of the website. Indeed, the graphic elements follow a grid which finally gives us a real harmony whatever the resolution is (desktop/laptop/tablet or mobile for example).

960 grid system - 12 columns - Width 1150px - Gutters 50px

4. Navigation

First of all, and as we said above, the menu stays in the top of the screen, then it’s an anchor system to navigate, so each category is linked to each part of the page. Also, you’ve got some useful functions staying in the right of your screen, like a «share» button to share the page at any time, or a «Back to top» to return at the top of the page.

5. Play with tools

A better way to improve the management and the appearance of the content on the layout was to employ some useful «tricks». Here are some great examples of what we use (notice that many systems have been used on every Ferrari websites, I think about especially the GT website, or the 458 Speciale launch website).

  • Client : Ferrari
  • Project : Ferrari California T launch website
  • Agency : Big Youth
  • Date of Production : February 2014
  • My Role(s) : Creative Direction, Art Direction, Web Design
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