Ferrari 458 Speciale

How to give performance
with loveliness

After designing the Ferrari GT website, the manufacturer give us the opportunity to create a short website introducing a new sporty model : the Ferrari 458 Speciale. A truly inspirative experience because of the beauty of this new masterpiece.

  • 01. Masterpiece
  • 02. Teasing
  • 03. Rollover
  • 04. Read more
  • 05. New Page
  • 06. Mobile

1. Introducing
a new masterpiece

The Ferrari 458 Speciale launch website was inspired by the car-page of the main GT Ferrari website. The car is added to the current Ferrari lineup next to its two ‘sisters’ 458 Spider & 458 Italia. A powerful masterpiece designed in an evident sporty spirit that we find in this website, especially due to the blue lines circling the main layout.

2. Design Teasing

So this is the main full page where you can access to an overview and some technical specifications. Indeed, this page announce the real release of the car, happening few days after. A second version of the page has been made then and covers all the different aspects of the car (design, innovations partners, ...).

Each photos on the grid was asssigned with an animated rollover which gives you the possibility to see a full view or share the photo on social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.

4. Overview Read More

Considering that, most of the time, Ferrari give us a lot of content which describes the car or anything else, some parts were hidden thanks to easy tricks like the «Read more» button. So when you clicked on this, the content was revealed and push the rest of the initial content below.

5. The New Page
& Innovations

A new page has been designed after the released of the car. The layout is similar but includes some new parts describing the car (Design, Innovations, Partners, Medias).

We created a mobile version which is a little bit different. The content is not full scrolling like the desktop version, here the menu loads the content of the multiple categories whereas on the desktop it’s an anchors system.

  • Client : Ferrari
  • Project : Ferrari 458 Speciale launch website
  • Agency : Big Youth
  • Date of Production :2013
  • My Role(s) : Creative Direction, Art Direction, Web Design
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