Christmas Delivery

Winter is coming
with a new santa claus...

For Christmas 2012, a special event has been launched by Thierry Mugler giving a chance to win a holiday gift and the delivery man along with it ! It’s a «Special Delivery To Your Door» to break the routine of Christmas I guess.

  • 01. Wait !
  • 02. The Delivery Man
  • 03. Specs
  • 04. The Gift
  • 05. Validation

1. Wait a minute girl !

It’s just a little game ok ? You really think a sexy boy will come to your house ?!... In fact, guess what, you are right ! You can win a beautiful Mugler christmas box AND the man you choose will be there with some beautiful roses too. TRUE STORY.

2. The Delivery Man

You have to make a choice between 3 delivery men : Raphaël, Bruce & Alexandre. If you are nominated at the end of the game, the one you’ve selected will bring you the christmas gift... and maybe more...

3. Specifications

You can «examine» the 3 guys of course to make the good choice. They all have great qualities.

4. The Christmas Gift

You’ve got the man, now you can select which fragrance he will have to bring to you for christmas.

5. Confirm your choice

Alright, it seems ok now, you just have to give a couple of informations about you, and good luck.

  • Client : Thierry Mugler
  • Project : Christmas Delivery
  • Agency : Big Youth
  • Date of Production : 2012
  • My Role(s) : Art Direction, Web Design
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