Define your olfactory

The Fragrance Finder is a sweet journey where you can choose some different kind of features, concrete or abstract, representative of your identity, in order to keep the best Mugler fragrance you are asssociated to.

  • 01. Immersive Feeling
  • 02. The Journey
  • 03. Result

1. Immersive Feeling

The idea was to create a visual ambiance relative to the Mugler universe to let your mind escape in playful sensations, but to focus on features to select and feed this personal experience, and finally, to find your Mugler perfume.

2. The Journey

Here we go, through the sky and the stars, through the planets and space, here is the Thierry Mugler universe right ? The experience runs in 5 steps to target exactly your tastes and desires : Spirit, Flavours, Adjective, Destination, and Fragrance.

The final step reveal the fragrance matching with you, it can be Angel, Alien, Cologne, Amen or Womanity, it depends on what you had choosen before for sure.

  • Client : Thierry Mugler
  • Project : Fragrance Finder
  • Agency : Big Youth
  • Date of Production : 2013
  • My Role(s) : Art Direction, Web Design
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