Pernod Ricard
wishes 2015

Wish a creative year
with creative people

Every year, Pernod Ricard celebrates the new year by featuring his contributors in an artistic campaign and call one recognized artist to imagine how to highlight them. This year, it’s Vee Speers who accepted the challenge. And then, we have to create a digital greeting card associated to the original concept.

  • 01. Happy New Year
  • 02. Conviviality First
  • 03. Mobile version

1. Happy New Year

The concept is about some complementary dual portraits to describe the collaboration and sharing experience between Pernod’s people (some truly values of the Pernod Ricard’s group). Moreover, it was matching with the global qualities the group wanted to claim : Innovation, Premiumness, and Trust.

Like a «Conviviality Creator».

2. Conviviality first

The greeting card had to keep the idea of dual pictures and to create an easy interaction to know more about each contributors of the campaign. So at first you discover a map of the different linked partners, then by clicking on them, you can access to the detail character gallery with more infos.
We made it great and simple.

3. Mobile version

An adaptive mobile version was designed to give the opportunity to discover the greeting card on small devices.

  • Client : Pernod Ricard
  • Project : Wishes 2015
  • Agency : Big Youth
  • Date of Production : November 2014
  • My Role(s) : Art Direction, Web Design
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