the danish cool !

The main idea of the redesign was to introduce (again) the mythic brand to the french people who don’t really know the values of THE Denmark’s beer. Indeed, Carlsberg is not widespread in the country, so we had to highlight all the qualities of the brand to seduce people and maybe convince them that... well :
It’s probably the best lager in the world.

  • 01. About Carlsberg
  • 02. Navigation
  • 03. Responsive Design
  • 04. That's Carlsberg !

1. About Carlsberg

Carlsberg is a premium quality lager from 1847 till now. It’s the glorious heritage from J. Jacobsen, the creative man who crafted the beer and then decided to share his discovery to all brewers. What a generous guy right ? This is typical and a good example of what the Nordic Cool is. Don’t forget that the danish are the happiest people in the world !

2. Navigation

The website was thought and designed through 5 categories :
«Signé Carlsberg» (Art & Design), «LA Blonde Danoise» (The Carlsberg Beer), «Born in Denmark» (History), «Où trouver la Danoise?» (Store Locator), «Hej! Quoi de neuf ?» (News & Events).The first three categories have subsections you can browse easily thanks to quick access or by the main menu.

3. Responsive Design

The website is built with a 12 columns grid system. Whatever is your device (desktop, ipad or smartphone), the content follows the grid and is quite efficient. The experience is simply the same.

4. Art, Beer & History:
That's Carlsberg !

Here is the heart of the website.
The three principal categories of content, designed with joyful and passion. We just tried to reach the audacious perspective that J.Jacobsen put in his work to get something authentic, arty, and playful.

  • Client : Carlsberg
  • Project : redesign
  • Agency : Big Youth
  • Date of Production :2015
  • My Role(s) : Creative Direction, Art Direction, UX Design
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