Lottomatica Redesign

Create a better way
to bet and play

Lottomatica (become GTECH, or recently IGT for worldwide) is an Italian company active in the gaming business, like sports bet, poker, casino, ... Aware with the fact that players wanted to play easily and to perform effectively, they had to modernize quickly.

  • 01. About Lotto
  • 02. Temporary Website
  • 03. Definitive Website
  • 04. Gratta e Vinci

1. About Lottomatica

To redesign Lottomatica.it, we must keep in mind that you are here to play, but that it’s also a huge digital platform with notoriety, so it’s a mix between corporate approach and the funny game universe. Ready to play ?!

2. Temporary Website

First have all, and before the creation of the definitive website whose design and development will take a long time to come to an end, Lottomatica wanted to re-skin their current website just with design and CSS constrain.

3. Definitive Website

Here is the main definitive Lottomatica website, spreading Better, Poker, Casino, Bingo, Skill and Lotterie full channels. The design is responsive and based on a strict grid system with columns and intra-columns to adjust elements with efficiency.

4. Gratta e Vinci

Gratta e Vinci is a web platform associated to the Lottomatica «universe». It contains some specific little games with a reward system for users.

  • Client : Lottomatica
  • Project : Lottomatica Redesign
  • Agency : Big Youth
  • Date of Production : 2014
  • My Role(s) : Creative Direction, Art Direction, Web Design
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