Vikings are coming
with a cøøl beer !

Skoll Tuborg is a brand new cool beer coming from the North, launched by Kronenbourg. Inspired by the vikings folklore, sporting the iconic Thorkill (the viking helmet), it’s a fresh and shaking beer flavored with vodka and citrus. From there, we had to put our best mittens to design a cool and fresh website.

  • 01. Abøut Skøll
  • 02. Navigatiøn
  • 03. Skøøøøøl !!!
  • 04. Møbile
  • 05. Evølutiøns

1. Abøut Skøll Tubørg

As a new brand, Skoll had to claim the strength and the values of the Nordic Spirit associated to the vikings. So the goal was simple : we had to be cool, fresh and exclusive. Keep it in mind, and you’ve got the Skoll Tuborg website.

2. Navigatiøn

The UX design of the website was thought with freshness too ! Creating some easy ways to access the different contents between The Brand, The Beer and The Manufacturing, the user’s course stays simple and enjoyable.

3. Skøøøøøl !!!

That’s it ! You’ve got the spirit of this beer. Now you can discover many contents, like the range of products, the special editions or the innovations of the beer. Then you can share or discover the news and events in the community. Enjoy.

Of course, the website cannot be cool if it dosesn’t work on mobile yeah ? So here are some great examples of how the display operates. No bad surprises, the global design is mainly constituted of blocs stucked with each others, an easy way to conserve the strength of the website.

5. Evølutiøns

The Skoll Tuborg website is fresh but is not frozen in time !
New elements are regularly coming to complete and improve the content of the website, like some new Exclusive Editions or new ways to savor the coolest beer coming from the North.

  • Client : Skoll Tuborg
  • Project : Skoll Tuborg redesign
  • Agency : Big Youth
  • Date of Production :2014
  • My Role(s) : Creative Direction, Art Direction, Web Design
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